Technology audits and evaluations are designed to evaluate an organization’s technical landscape. We perform these assessments to provide your management team with an objective view of organizational progress in meeting strategic goals and objectives, the effectiveness of technical implementations, their quality, and where appropriate the degree of contractual and regulatory compliance.

It is always helpful to understand the state of your technology, especially if you are contemplating the implementation of additional technology or business processes. Technical audits consist of some or all of:

  • Readiness reviews; which are recommended prior to an implementation to assess the organization’s technical and process readiness.
  • Technical Systems Audits; a thorough review to determine if systems and personnel are functioning properly, to provide an inventory of equipment, to identify any recommended upgrades or patches, to assess risk, document governance or the lack of governance, and policy or the need for policy.
  • Observation; a review of ongoing work to document whether that work conforms with the organization’s requirements and procedures.
  • Performance evaluation; a quantitative review of analytical results to assess the performance of systems and networks.

Audits can be as comprehensive as you need for your objective. If you are contemplating any kind of technology undertaking, it may be very helpful to understand your current technical landscape to find out if you need to alter or improve any elements of that landscape to ensure your success.