Dynamics AX™ & 365™

A robust set of business applications including ERP and CRM applications with a large network of partners, which can run on-premises or in the cloud. Whetstone’s experienced professionals can help you leverage your investment for maximum business impact.

Dynamics has versions designed to support most business sizes and a wide variety of industries and business functions.

We can help seamlessly integrate specialized systems, customize behaviors, resolve performance problems, and maximize your system’s potential.


A free and open source content management system which enables non-programmers to build a variety of websites. WordPress™ has a plug-in based architecture and utilizes templates developed by third parties to provide a rich experience.

One of the most popular content management systems in use today, over 60 million websites use WordPress™.

Whether it be better blogging, more effective use of your theme, or assistance with site health, getting what you want from your WordPress™ site can be challenging without technical skill. Our experts are here to help in whatever way best suits your budget, whether it be guidance or customization.


Primarily designed as a customer relationship management system, Salesforce™ provides a unified interface for case management, task management, and routing events. Salesforce provides analytic tools to help a business enhance both the customer experience and prospect to customer conversion. It can be integrated with most ERP systems.

Whetstone has the resources to help with customization, administration, and ERP integration.

Hub Spot™

A customer relationship mangement tool designed to support inbound marketing with hooks to social media, Hub Spot™ provides content management, web analytics, customer support, and search engine optimization.

Hub Spot™ can be integrated to Salesforce™, Netsuite™, and Dynamics™, among others. There are a variety of third-party templates and extensions available.

Whetstone’s technology experts can assist you with any of your design, integration, and implementation needs.