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Technology Audit and Evaluation

Technology audits and evaluations are designed to evaluate an organization’s technical landscape. 

Solution Evaluation

If you are contemplating implementing a new software solution such as an ERP, finding the software that best addresses your specific needs and those of your industry is an important first step. 

Crisis Management and
Disaster Planning and Recovery

Faced with an event that has the potential to threaten the health and success of your business, what do you do? External factors can damage your reputation, negatively affect your operations, impact your finances, or harm your people.

Managed Service Provider Selection

Managed service providers are a good choice for small to medium-sized companies who do not have need an internal technology team or companies who have a short-term need to ramp up services to achieve a specific objective.

Solution Provider Evaluation

You’ll want experience not only with the solution but with your industry, along with a good understanding of what resources a partner can bring to bear.

Remote Workforce

People working remotely, at least part of the time, has been a part of the business climate for some time. However, with the advent of the COVID-19 pandemic, firms that had never provisioned a remote workforce had to face the reality that continued operations depended on remote work.